Team Sports in Sacramento

Whatever the team sports you're into. Whether that be high school football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, golf, or lacrosse, we can produce it. So if you need to customize it with a logo, name or number, we can do it! For example, if your little league team need new uniforms for Spring for Fall, we can definitely help you out with that. The only question you need to ask yourself is, how would you like it designed.

Why CPE is the Right Choice

What makes CPE unique is that unlike those other guys who outsource this process, which will most likely add additional time and cost to your project, we handle it in-house from Sacramento. And because we can do it our self, we can offer it at a lower cost, and provide a faster turnaround. As well as making those last minute additional modifications, or order change.

Here are more reasons to choose CPE for your projects. We handle all phases of production, starting from art concept to packaging. We utilize all the best graphic applications to handle anything. A large library of clip art and templates from the best designers out there such as Rival Art. Check out these templates from the main page!

When it's time for production, we can handle team customization in more ways. Example, we can screen print numbers. That's right, screen printed numbers have that organic look and lay down a lot nicer on the uniforms than vinyl numbers. Speaking of vinyl, yes, we got those too. Should you want the ultimate in team apparel, we also handle our own tackle twill and applique work. These are the custom designed logos, names, or numbers that are cut and sewn onto jerseys for that authentic look.  So if you need to wear something like a professional split-front baseball uniform, or basketball jersey, look no further.

Here are the three methods we can customize your team sports uniforms/jerseys:
1. Perma Press Vinyl
2. Screen Printed
3. Tackle Twill Embroidery


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