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At CPE, we understand the embroidery Sacramento style, which we refer to as the art of translating graphic images into threads and stitches.

So why choose embroidery? Because sometimes threads speak louder than ink. Especially for businesses that need to raise it up a notch for that extra level of extravagance. It is great on business attire such as dress/industrial shirts, polos, baseball caps, aprons, bags, and more. As cost is based upon the number of stitches and not colors, feel free to go all out on your design!

A great example of a medium is the classic baseball cap. The cap's surface is round and areas beyond the front center would be very difficult to print with ink. With needles and stitches, that's not a problem as the needles and machine can work in all three dimensions. It offers great flexibility and almost any puncturable material can be considered.

That being said, if your project is a cotton polo, baseball cap, corporate outings, or even jerseys for the entire little league, look no further for embroidery Sacramento, we've got you covered. We perform our own graphic digitizing, applique cutting, and only utilize the best German threads on the best machines. Everything done in-house!

If you're in the Sacramento area, that's free delivery and if you're not, don't worry, we ship FedEx nationally.

Embroidery Process

CPE's Process

We believe in the KISS principle of keeping things simple. As you will see below, the only requirement from you is a design, product, and review before production. We will handle the rest!

Step 1: You provide us your design or vision in the design studio and we will optimize it with our experience to give you the best possible product. Your work is done and we take over.

Step 2: From your vision, we analyze the best way prepare it for stitching.

This includes envisioning the best way to convert from image pixels to thread, analyzing thicknesses of lines, realizing limitations of threads and suggestions, fabrics, etc.

Step 3: We digitize your vision and provide an embroidered sample for your approval. Also call a sew-out or prototype.

Step 4: Upon your approval, we go to production with your project. We are constantly performing quality checks.

Step 5: We ship your products with a tracking number and you celebrate upon product arrival.

Tajima Powered Machines

Tajima Powered Embroidery Machines

To get you the best bang for your buck, we only utilize machines powered by the most reliable and reputable name in the industry - Tajima. We can stitch up to 1200 stitches per minute (SPM) and utilize up to 15 needles or 15 thread colors per design. For baseball type caps, we can embroider up to 270 degree (3"x14") for one design. That doesn't mean we can't do the back of the hat either, it's simply a separate process, so we've got your entire cap covered if you so desire.

What about maximum sewing field? Yes, we can do full size jacket backings all the way up to approximately 14" x 20" inches.

Embroidery threads from Madeira or Isacord - Made in Germany.


All embroidery threads are not equal in the manufacturing process for sure. The ones we use (Madeira or Isacord) are made in Germany from the finest raw material. We only use these because we find them to be stronger, better color sheen, and durability from the wash. The threads should last the lifetime of the garment it's sewn onto.

Here's some more information on threads.

Color: These threads have come a long ways and now there are almost 400 colors to choose from with your standard #40 weight threads. That means there's practically a matching color for any shade in your project. Keep in mind when you steer away from nonstandard weight and or material, the color options will be less.

Weight: The standard weight for most designs and projects is the #40. It's the perfect all around thread because it has good coverage but at the same time not too thick and can do decent detail. Speaking of detail, should your project require finer details, the next level is the #60 thread. It's smaller in diameter so it does a great job of capturing the finer details and smaller text lettering. There is also thicker #30 or even #12 threads should it be necessary.

Types: Believe it or not but nowadays, threads are not at all boring. Your standard colored threads can be made from rayon or polyneon. Rayon’s are the classic and will work with all designer related projects, whereas the polyneon’s are stronger and more suitable for uniforms, safety garments, and commercial linens. Deviating away from the construction material, there are threads that are flame resistant, glow in the dark, and even one with a shiny metallic finish.

American Legion Digitize Crest

Digitize Train


What is digitizing? It is the process of architecting your design into individual stiches that the machine can read and understand. Embroidery is not like a printer where you can just download an image off the internet and "print". So as you can  see, it is much more complicated and sophisticated than that.

Once we receive your logo or design, we will have to analyze what is the best way to recreate it. Yes, we will have to recreate it literally stitch by stich with software. There are limitations to some graphic elements such as thin lines and or small lettering. Therefore the embroidered graphic interpretation of your design or logo will most likely be a little visually different. It is after all, done with stitches and not ink.

American Legion Digitize Crest Rendered

A completed embroidery design file is referred to as a sew file and of course only specific machines can read it. It contains instructions such as where to start, how many colors, when to change colors, when to tie thread, and when to trim thread. For the applique process, there's additional information included in the file. These include an outline for the placement of the fabric, where to tack down the fabric, and how to secure it down.

Puff Baseball Cap

Baseball Caps

Take it from your Sacramento embroidery shop, baseball caps are so popular with embroidery that we have decided to give it its own feature here.

An important thing to understand about baseball caps are the two types or structures of baseball caps. First one is the "structured" caps and second is the "unstructured" caps. The difference between the two is very simple, the structured ones have a solid and rigid backing right behind the front of the cap, whereas the unstructured one does not. For the purpose of sewing, the structured ones are easier to work with as the rigid backing provides for a nice sewing surface. To work with the unstructured caps, backing must be applied first to make it stable for embroidery.

Puff Baseball Cap All-Stars

When working with baseball caps, also keep in mind there is a limited sewing field. In our case with the Tajima machines, we have a sewing field of approximately 3"x14" or 270 degrees - that is the biggest in the industry. With visors, the sewing field decreases significantly more.

The last factor to consider is material. Cotton or less flexible material is easier to work with than stretchy material like polyester. With stretchy polyester, the sewing speed will benefit from slowing down as the rebound of the needle punctures from the machine into the fabric sometimes will get caught and break when the speed of the machine is too much for the fabric.

Applique Basketball Jersey

Applique Train


What exactly is applique? Simply put, applique is fabric that has been cut and sewn onto apparel. Example, look at the jerseys worn by the major sports in our country such as football, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc. Those logos, numbers, and names are done with tackle twill, a form of applique.

Why applique? The major reasons why applique would be chosen instead of embroidering the entire design serves these purposes. Embroidering a very big design would take too long and be too costly for the customer. A design having so many stitches would be very stiff and uncomfortable to wear and is best for certain apparel such as a thick jacket and on the back only. The last reason is strictly visual and that is applique looks fantastic! It is three dimensional and portrays that high quality look we all find pleasing to the eyes.

Applique Tackle Twill

With applique, picture it as stacking layers of fabric on top of another. If the design is to go on a product that doesn't require a lot of movement or the best performance, then it really doesn't matter how many layers there are. However, for sporting apparel it is best to limit the number of layers to two or three at the most. Additional accents such as the piping around numbers can be sewn with a satin stitch all around.

Embroidery Costs

Best Pricing for Embroidery

Our embroidery shop costs are based upon a few factors. Let's start from the beginning with design itself. If your design/logo is not ready for embroidery, then it has to be digitized first. As mentioned in the digitizing process above, we will recreate or digitize your design first. The cost associated with digitizing is based upon the complexity and size of the design. Keep in mind, the digitizing fee is a one-time fee and we will keep your design on file for the next order.

Note: For first time orders, the digitizing fee can be waived dependent upon the number of garments ordered. Typically, we waive the fee on orders of 50 or more.

Before production begins on your project, the cost for you project will be primarily based upon the number of stiches the design contains. This coupled with the cost on garment will yield the total cost per garment piece.

There are additional cost which usually comes with options. For example, if your project was a polo shirt, and you wanted the company logo on the left chest but also wanted the company slogan on the right sleeve, that addition of the sleeve would be a separate cost. The reason why is that each additional location require labor to manually hoop the location of the garment for embroidery.

The best way to obtain a quote from CPE is to give us a call.


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