Screen Printing

Choose this when you need to print many items as the bulk of time and cost is in the setup. Once the screens are developed and the press configured, time and cost are significantly reduced with each additional item printed. Screen printing is very cost effective because it’s broken down to the number of impressions and colors.


Because sometimes threads speak louder than ink. Especially for businesses that need to raise it up a knotch for that extra level of class. Embroidery is great on business attire such as dress/industrial shirts, polos, baseball caps, aprons, bags, and more! With embroidery, cost is based upon the number of stitches.

Team Sports

For any team-related sporting activity such as little league baseball, football, basketbal, soccer, etc. We can customize the apparel with different numbers, names, and such. Choose from screen printing, embroidery, or both to outfit your attire. From all teams for an entire league to your local competition team!